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So the cards are somewhat stacked against us here but I have done a good amount of research and feel like I can definitely determine how high Wilt Chamberlain could jump. He would start from the top of the key, take a step, jump, and successfully dunk the basketball. In 1968-69, Bellamy started with the New York Knicks and played 35 games. You can't add guys like Oscar (Robertson) and Bob Boozer and Lucius Allen and not be a better ballclub. As a very young child, Chamberlain dealt with a brutal bout of pneumonia which nearly killed him. Gary Pomerantz investigated the . Unfortunately, he also experienced racial taunts from hostile away crowds. Wilt claimed that he could take change off the backboard. It wasn't even supposed to be the final matchup with the Lakers that week, let alone the last Wilt-Kareem battle ever. This is likewise the case for Olympic high jumpers who often measure at least 1.9 meters tall . 1 all-time chart. With his 96 standing reach, a vertical jump of only 36 inches would put Wilt at 126 in the air, which would be more than enough height to complete a slam dunk on a 12 foot rim. She pioneered the use of water training with Olympic and professional athletes in the 1980s and 1990s. [5] As an avid track and field athlete, Chamberlain high jumped 6 feet, 6 inches, ran the 440 yards in 49.0 seconds and the 880 yards in 1:58.3, put the shot 53 feet, 4 inches, and long jumped 22 feet. Only two other players have had 40 (Nate Thurmond and Jerry Lucas) in history. Thats right! When Wilt Chamberlain was 59 years old, he could still bench press 465 pounds, which is more that Shaq has ever been able to do. He spent the next 14 years dominating for L.A. On April 5, 1984, Abdul-Jabbar passed Chamberlain for the NBA career scoring record, eclipsing Chamberlain's total of 31,419. note: For the 50th anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game, author Gary M. Pomerantz adapted a speech he gave in Hershey, Pa., in 2005. . Wilt Chamberlain Bench Press: How much could he bench press? However, van Breda Kolff refused, allegedly telling Chamberlain to sit your big *** back downwe dont need you. The Lakers ended up losing by a score of 108-106. At last, Chamberlain decided to go off to the Midwest and enroll at the University of Kansas, under the tutelage of famed basketball coach Phog Allen. But the advancing years meant little to Chamberlain in terms of physical conditioning. Wilt Chamberlain's Athleticism He was 7'1", 275 pounds. Both of these times exceed the average speed of NFL wide receivers. Lets just, Conan the Destroyer (1984), Universal Pictures, Entrancing Facts About Madame de Pompadour, France's Most Powerful Mistress, Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIIIs First Wife, Stormy Facts About Sammy Davis Jr., The Worlds Greatest Entertainer, Imperial Facts About Puyi, The Last Emperor of China, Extravagant Facts About Cora Pearl, The Outrageous Courtesan, Sensational Facts About Louella Parsons, The Queen Of Hollywood Gossip. With a nickname like The Stilt in the world of basketball, where athletes are commonly a foot taller than the average man, it is no wonder why this guy was something special. If you are having difficulty accessing any content on this website . Wilt himself confirmed that he was able to dunk on a 12 foot rim, saying: Whats unfortunate is that most people regard the great leapers as being only the short guys who could dunk, said the 7 1 & 1/8 Wilt Chamberlain. There are many claims and stories surrounding his athletic prowess. On October 12, 1999, Chamberlain passed away from congestive heart failure. He wore number 13. that must be the most frightening sight in sports. Chamberlain had to keep it a secret that he was playing for money, as the revelation would nullify his eligibility for the Amateur Athletic Union and the NCAA. Wilt Chamberlain is a legend of the NBA. Who was the NBA's biggest of the big men in 1970-71? Wilt was on his job. Wilt was 63 when he died. James passed Jordan, who had the previous record of 866 consecutive games, in 2018. Without a doubt, but does he get to the 18 inches above that rim necessary to have a 48 inch vertical? On one hand he is saying that his vertical was higher than Michael Jordans and was easily 46 to 48 inches, but on the other hand he is quoted as saying that dunking on the 12 foot rim was a challenge. Adding to the mythical status of Wilts game was how few people actually got to see it. At Kansas, Chamberlain continued to develop his game, build his legacy, and even find time to compete in the track. Center Of Attention. ", Said Alcindor: "There was satisfaction on both sides. Charming Facts About Hollywood Leading Men, Lawyers Share Their Oh GOD Moments In Court, Catherine de Medici Was Utterly RuthlessAnd She Paid A Terrible Price, The Truth Always Comes Out: Dark Family Secrets Exposed, Stay Out Of The Woods: Campers And Hikers Share Their Creepiest Experiences. Considering that entire teams often fail to make it to 100 points, its a record beyond basketball comprehension. Our credibility is the turbo-charged engine of our success. He was 63. That is more than enough height to touch the top of the backboard and getting real close to proving that Wilt Chamberlain had a 48 inch vertical jump. The dunk shown below by Dwight looks to require some effort and I cant say that he had much more in the tank on that jump. Chamberlain had . The Lakers sued to prevent Chamberlain from playing because he hadn't fulfilled his Lakers contract, and he wound up merely coaching for the season, then retiring from basketball. Chamberlain matured very quickly and continued to grow at a rapid pace. Ive heard stories about Jackie Jackson doing it, but Ive never seen anyone (but himself) come close.. To see him poised up there, knowing he was about to sweep down with that big jam . Chamberlains biggest accomplishment in college was leading Kansas to the 1957 National Championship Game. These included widening the painted area on the court, implementing offensive interference rules, and changes to free throw shooting and inbounding procedures. That's 2,500 more than second-place Artis Gilmore and 2,100 more than Robert Parish when looking at only the NBA numbers. Realistically, we still believe that Wilt Chamberlain could bench press up to 500 pounds in his prime. Thats why Chamberlains points per game average for the 1961-62 season are so stupefying. This feat was finally matched in 2019 by Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook. Rasheed Wallace's 41 technical fouls. Chamberlain was 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m) when he entered Philadelphia's Overbrook High School. Throughout this process I have reviewed plenty of pictures and game footage of Wilt Chamberlain jumping through the air, and I can confidently say that I have yet to come across a single example of Wilt getting his head that high above the rim. We'll try to answer them as best we can. Sonny said this on Wilts jumping ability: The only man thats been to the top, thats Wilt. Both his parents were no bigger than 5-9, but as a young boy he began a growth spurt which would eventually stop when he . On December 1, 1967, Wilt Chamberlain scored 52 points against the Seattle SuperSonics at home, becoming the first player in the history of the Philadelphia Spectrum to score 50 points in a. I have enjoyed analyzing this mans athleticism and found myself in awe of his speed and explosiveness. When he was asked to elaborate he simply said, "No.". As a result, Chamberlain joined the Harlem Globetrottersthe entertaining traveling exhibition team. Factinate is a fact website that is dedicated to finding and sharing fun facts about science, history, animals, films, people, and much more. His claims were backed up by Sonny Hill, a former Philadelphia 76ers legend. Alcindor (32 points, 22 rebounds) got the slight edge on Chamberlain (22,20, eight blocks). Wilt retired from the NBA after the 1972-73 season with the . Late NBA hall of famer Wilt Chamberlain's former Bel-Air, Calif., palatial residence has hit the market for $14.9 million. In 1970, Chamberlain returned to his track roots by establishing Wilts Athletic Club, a track and field club based in Southern California. Wilt Chamberlain was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1978. Copyright 2023 by Factinate.com. Quickness is what does it for you. The season represented a spiritual passing of the torch between the Los Angeles Lakers' legendary Wilt Chamberlain and the Milwaukee Bucks' already dominant Lew Alcindor (who would change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar following that season), although it wasn't as simple as identifying Milwaukee's championshipseason as thepivot point. Chamberlain's physical prowess and soft-touch meant he was an automatic machine around the rim, and he often made it look like he was playing against children. Sam Mitchell likens the overwhelming physical dominance of Giannis Antetokounmpo to that of the legendary Wilt Chamberlain. Someone would put a quarter up and Id snatch it down. With Counts on the floor, the Lakers were able to narrow the lead. ", Said Costello of Chamberlain: "He's never played better in a long time. (0:30). Here is a look at some of the individual records that have stood and likely will stand the test of time as unbreakable, even 25 years from now when the NBA celebrates its 100th season. Chamberlain became a local, and eventually national, legend. Her original height 5 Feet 6 Inches and her Weight 62 KG. NOTE: This story was updated on Jan. 18, 2022, to make it free for all readers. The Jazz had 68 in a December win over the Hornets (Rudy Gobert pulled down 21 of them), matching the season high the Grizzlies set in a November win over the Kings (no Memphis player had more than 12). His wingspan was confirmed on film as 78 during a television appearance. Tristan Thompson played 447 consecutive games with the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2011 to 2017. When you include his ABA numbers, it's 7,382. Chamberlain had a multi-faceted game. He finished with 24 points and 18 rebounds, while Chamberlain remarkably didn't even attempt a shot and finished scoreless with 14 boards. In the dark doorway of a faux haunted house with lightning striking and coyotes howling in the background, the undisputed Queen of Halloween and Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, appears on the TV . This . So an impressive athlete in his own right but not quite Wilt. Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain (August 21, 1936-October 12, 1999) was a British basketball player. In the Finals, Chamberlain and the Sixers won a hard-fought series, winning four games to two. As a lifelong bachelor and infamous ladies man, Chamberlain became well known for a particular off-court statistic. He is obsessed with lifting weights, and the science of muscle building. Chamberlain played the character of Bombaata, the nemesis of the films title character, iconically played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Growing increasingly frustrated and wanting to make money, Chamberlain decided to forego his senior year at Kansas. His physical stature as well as his accolades are still talked about to this day. He played with legendary Globetrotters Meadowlark Lemon and Tex Harrison. That said there are numerous sources out there claiming that Wilt Chamberlain was able to bench press 500 pounds with ease. There are a good amount of stories alleging that Wilt Chamberlain was able to touch the top of the backboard. To frame what it takes to put together something even close, consider the last two. Chamberlains biggest on-court rival was Boston Celtics center Bill Russell. All Rights Reserved. As a collegiate player, he was featured in popular magazines of the time, including Life, Time, Look, and Newsweek. Your suggestions can be as general or specific as you like, from Life to Compact Cars and Trucks to A Subspecies of Capybara Called Hydrochoerus Isthmius. Well get our writers on it because we want to create articles on the topics youre interested in. John Stockton's 15,806 career assists. In his 1991 autobiography, A View From Above, Chamberlain made the startling claim that he had had sexual relations with 20,000 women. Making distraction rewarding since 2017. Wilt was 7 1 1/16 of raw muscle, power, incredible leaping ability and speed. This time, Alcindor was dominant with 37 points and 16 rebounds with a national TV audience looking on. During his time playing for the Philadelphia Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers, Chamberlain lived in New York City. And they've got a lot of guys who are exceptionally quick Lew, (Bob) Dandridge, Greg Smith. Standing at 6'11" tall at the time, Chamberlain physically dominated other players. However, his mark has since been passed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Dirk Nowitzki. The Bucks, of course, went on to win the 1971 title, a triumph now celebrating its 50th anniversary. Ed. "Lew Gets 23, Wilt Nets 25; Bucks lose" It was the largest crowd at the Forum in Inglewood, California, a sellout of 17,489. The 2012-13 Miami Heat won 27 in a row, and all they had was LeBron James at the peak of his physical powers as well as three other Hall of Famers (Ray Allen, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade) playing in perfect harmony. He averaged 37.6 points and 27 rebounds a game, which were both single-season records. Yet the 1971-72 Lakers, led by Hall of Famers Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich (Elgin Baylor had retired nine games into the season, literally just before the streak began), posted a record that has remained relatively safe. The 12 foot rim used to be more than just something that got brought out during slam dunk contests. For that time, it was great and unstoppable but non-comparable to the older eras. Such as playing semi-professional basketball as a child under the name George Marcus. So confident was he in his physical prowess that he talked of a comeback in his early 50s. If there was any doubt, the headline in the Milwaukee Sentinel spelled it out clearly. Even in retirement, Chamberlain still played basketball recreationally and would field offers to return to the game. Perhaps most impressively though, he holds the record for most 30 point/30 rebound games with 124. 4.6 Wilt Chamberlain (barefoot) 4.6 LeBron James 5.8 Shaquille O'Neal (note - in his 30's, @ 340lbs) 100 Yard Dash (slightly shorter than a 100m) 10.00 Wilt Chamberlain 10.00 Elvin Hayes claimed he used to run it at this speed in High School 10.89 George McGinnis 11.15 Dave Bing 11.27 Bill Cunningham 11.30 Dave Cowens [6] There are some conflicting statements out there regarding just how high this man could jump. Use Testo Lab Pro. This picture truly showcases the physical phenom that was Wilt Chamberlain. [1] [2] [3] A Philadelphia/San . With plenty of clinical studies and research behind it, it's ideal for boosting: And more, especially when it comes to adding weight to your bench press, and it's also completely vegan. His physical stature as well as his accolades are still talked about to this day. One impressive tidbit regarding the legendary 100-point game was that Chamberlain spent the entire night before partying in New York City. He nearly died of pneumonia as a child and still came back as one of the strongest athletes the world has ever seen. This is why I have set out to analyze the infamous Wilt Chamberlain vertical jump to determine if in fact he was able to leap 48 inches through the air. This would put Wilts neck above the rim. The Bucks won Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, 106-85. The Big Dipper brought down a massive 55 boards in that game. You don't shove him around much because he's just about immune to it.". Discover Wilt Chamberlain's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. Chamberlain, 34 years old that year, still had plenty left in the tank, and Alcindor, who didn't turn 24 until late in the season, already was a nationally recognized superstar thanks to his college exploits at UCLA and sensational rookie year. This occurred in a game in 1968 when he recorded 22 points, 25 rebounds, and 21 assists. Wilton Norman Chamberlain (The Big Dipper, Wilt the Stilt) was born on 21 August, 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, is an Actor, Writer, Producer. Chamberlain played in the NBA during the 1960s, and many people think he is one of the best players in basketball history. Please submit feedback to contribute@factinate.com. Wilt won the 1967 NBA title with the Philadelphia 76ers and the 1972 NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. The unique home, which he named Ursa Major as a nod to his nickname The Big Dipper, was designed by architect David Tenneson Rich. Chamberlain not only had to play all regular minutes, but also had to play deep into overtime many times to get that average. A 48 inch vertical jump would mean that the top of his head would be 13 inches above the rim, or 111 off the ground. It was a milestone move for Chamberlain, as he would make Los Angeles his primary home for the rest of his life. Born Aug. 21, 1936, in Philadelphia, Chamberlain excelled in track and field, but basketball eventually became his sport of choice. With Chamberlain's aggressiveness mitigated (and some writers noting that his overriding desire to keep his spotless foul-out record maybe played a role), Abdul-Jabbar scored 23 points in the final 22 minutes. Scott Skiles' 30 assists. he has Blue color Eye and Select Hair Color color Hair. This raised rim dunk has been replicated quite a few times now at this point, maybe most famously by Dwight Howard in the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Just like dunking, he would have to jump a good bit higher than the height of the backboard to be able to grab the change resting on top. Russell also won 11 NBA Championship titles, while Chamberlain only won two. "We stopped going to Wilt, who was having success against Alcindor, and we started going one on one," injured Lakers star Elgin Baylor said afterward. Walt Bellamy's 88 games. Wilt was an impressive athlete with a seriously impressive vertical jump. Chamberlain holds the record for being the fastest player to reach 30,000 points in a career, doing so in 941 games (Michael Jordan, whos second on the list, reached the mark in 960 games). Now thats what I call a beat down. He was between 280 and 290 in his Philadelphia years, and over 300 with the Lakers. October 12, 1999 / 6:33 PM / CBS/AP. Chamberlain had 15 points and 12 rebounds, while Abdul-Jabbar (who had changed his name months before) had 39 and 20 with five assists. Chamberlain still led the NBA in rebounding and shooting percentage in the final two seasons of his career and made the all-star team in the final three, never missing a game in those three seasons. They met in the playoffs eight times and Russells Celtics were on the winning side seven of those times. On Dec. 21, the Bucks again handled the Lakers, 113-88. The series comprised of nine sold-out games at Moscows Lenin Stadium and was a sign of the improving of US-USSR relations. In fact, he was measured at 84 while playing for the University of Kansas in 1957. Wilt Chamberlain has a personal record of a 22 foot long jump. At the end of his career, Chamberlain held the record for most career points with 31,419. The 60-year anniversary of this feat, accomplished March 2, 1962, is coming up, and there's an excellent chance the 100th anniversary will come without it being touched. . He participated in high jump, long jump, and even broad jump, but excelled in the 100 yard-dash, and the 400 metre. The footage quality is also a big issue in determining the validity of that claim. Both of them had some hefty competition, but what Wilt is trying to say is that his physical brand of basketball simply wouldn't have worked back in the 60s'. Although Catherine's successor Queen Anne Boleyn suffered an infamously dark fate, Aragon's own life was somehow even more tragic. Now lets get into the details and start to unpack the answer to whether or not Wilt Chamberlain had a 48 inch vertical jump. What was Wilt Chamberlains vertical jump? - Bel Air, Los Angeles, 1999. oktber 12.) Regardless of what is true and what isnt no one can take away the fact that Wilt Chamberlain is an absolute legend and should be remembered for being an absolute hero of the sport. I asked Kareem if he ever did, and he could jump a little bit. It was an effort, but I could do it. LA Times. He even appeared in a few games for the Seattle Smashers and was the MVP of one of the leagues All-Star games. He averaged 50.4 points per game, the highest ever -- and no one is close. While playing at Kansas, Wilt was exposed to the 12 foot basketball hoop. Wilt Chamberlain 3.38 170 ratings24 reviews The quintessential big man, who changed the way basketball was played, reveals his controversial and candid views on sports, sex, race, Michael Jordan, the NBA, as well as money and drugs in sports. Chamberlain averaged 39.5 shots per game, the highest ever -- and no one is close. Chamberlain went so far as to get help from legendary trainer Cus dAmato, but he eventually pulled out of the fight at the last minute. Wilt Chamberlain reminisces on his 100-point game (0:30), The King, The Stilt and The Dream: Meet the holders of the NBA's most unbreakable records, The paths of KD and Kyrie: How one month changed three franchises and two superstar legacies, Morant to miss two games after video with gun, Grizzlies' Clarke tore Achilles, out for season, 'Not going out this way': Nets, down 28, stun C's, Kerr touts 5-0 homestand: Dubs 'turned a corner', KD: Mavs tilt, Kyrie meeting 'just another game', Sources: Dragic joining Bucks for rest of season, Nets filling out big-man depth with Noel signing, Isaac has surgery on adductor, done for season. Alcindor finished with 23 points and 20 rebounds, while Chamberlain posted 25 and 25 in a 123-112 win. Despite being a rookie, Chamberlain became the leagues highest-paid player after signing a contract that paid him $30,000 per year (about $258,000 in todays dollars). As a teenager, Chamberlain spent his summer vacations working as a bellhop at the Kushters Hotel, a popular resort in New Yorks Catskill Mountains. Please reach out to us to let us know what youre interested in reading. The closest anyone has come recently was in 2017, when Rajon Rondo had a 25-assist game with New Orleans. In all, Chamberlain holds 72 NBA records. U svojoj petnaestogodinjoj karijeri ostvario je mnoge uspjehe. Though Chamberlain remained in top physical condition as he did during throughout his playing days, he retired after the 1972-73 season holding many of the NBA all-time records, some of which remain unbroken. On Jan. 9, 1972, the Bucks beat the Lakers, 120-104, snapping Los Angeles' historic 33-game winning streak that blew Milwaukee's record of 20 games (set in 1971) out of the water. The article earned him a cool $10,000, which at the time was more than the average NBA contract. Heres some fast facts about the man himself to really put into perspective the absolute beast that he was: And theres a ton more out there. The run lasted 16 consecutive seasons with four different teams from 1986 to 2001. His average of 50.4 points per game is easily the highest in NBA history. All we really have left is grainy videos shot from camera angles that leave a lot to be desired. When I was a freshman, I fooled around with shooting free throws this way: For some reason, I thought you had to stay within the top half of that free-throw circle, so I would step back to just inside the top of the circle, take off from behind the line and dunk. James started the streak in 2007 and has had a few close calls, including last season when he hit a 3-pointer to reach 10 points only after badly spraining his ankle in a game and then leaving for the locker room. Wilt Chamberlain has thrown a 55 feet shot put. Milwaukee won, 85-84, thanks to a late Abdul-Jabbar bucket. The smallest report records it at 7'8, while the largest account has it at 8'4 inches. Wilt was 7-2, 280 pounds. Want to tell us to write facts on a topic? Chamberlain was the first of professional basketball's dominating seven-footers. It broke Russell's record of 51 rebounds set the previous season. Chamberlain renamed the club Big Wilts Smalls Paradise and reportedly spent 18 hours a day at the establishment. After two career matchups between the players in which Chamberlain matched or surpassed Alcindor, Alcindorwas the clear winner this time. A title that has been granted to Wilt on many occasions, but in reality doesnt belong to him. In the Finals against the Knicks, Chamberlain battled a nagging hand injury to lead his team to victory in five games. An effective, yet embarrassing method, Chamberlain usually preferred to miss overhanded than risk ridicule with the granny shot. Wilt Chamberlain appears to be the first and maybe only player to ever be able to consistently do so. Thats a full 13 feet up in the air! Chamberlain was part of the Harlem Globetrotters team that went to the Soviet Union for a series of historic exhibition games in 1959. He was miraculously almost never in foul trouble, averaging a career-low 1.5 a game. However, his one weakness was free-throw shootingand it was a pretty bad weakness.

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