Why Choose Seriously Addictive Mathematics Over A Different Enrichment Program?

When you’re looking for a math enrichment program for your child, we know there are many different services that are trying to get your attention. In considering which one is the best option for your child, you’ll want to find out what the different centers have in common, their approaches to teaching, and their goals for their students. At Seriously Addictive Mathematics, we focus on developing a student’s understanding of concepts and the ability to think through problems by using the Singapore style of math. Using a module-based curriculum and a vast library of propriety worksheets, we allow students to learn math incrementally so that learning is challenging yet achievable.

What Learning Centers Have in Common

While each provider may have a different approach when it comes to teaching math, they also have some similarities. First of all, most focus on the individual learner. In other words, they figure out what each student knows and doesn’t know, and then tailor an individualized plan that will meet the student at his or her working level and accelerate them forward. Every program also provides opportunities for students to practice their math skills. Unfortunately, most providers stop at this point without evaluating the child’s comprehension.

The Benefits of the Singapore Style of Math

What sets Seriously Addictive Mathematics apart from the competition is a focus on developing understanding of concepts, not just computation skills, using the Singapore style of math as a basis for instruction. These same instructional strategies have pushed Singapore to the top of the international rankings such as TIMSS and PISA in math since 1995, and focus on building students’ understanding of a concept before moving on to more abstract work and practice. Incorporating these strategies, such as hands-on tools and models, helps your child build a critical foundation of math understanding upon which new concepts will be built. This focus on conceptual understanding allows your child to make connections between the math they already know and the math they are learning.

We Focus on Mathematical Thinking

Our Thinking Approach to learning math helps students become mathematical thinkers, going beyond simply memorizing facts and completing problems. This Thinking Approach is woven throughout our program, from the classroom to practice at home. It allows your child to pick apart each element until they get to the bottom of how a concept works.

Experts agree that building conceptual understanding alone is not enough. That’s why Seriously Addictive Mathematics also provides your child with meaningful practice and the opportunity to apply the concepts to solve mathematical problems. This balanced approach to math ensures that students develop an understanding of the concepts, build fluency, and can apply their understanding to new problems and concepts. This balance sets us apart from other providers and ensures that your child can not only do math, but also think about math.


If you’re ready to see the benefits of the Singapore style of math in your child’s understanding of math, contact Seriously Addictive Mathematics today to build a foundation for success for years to come.