Who is Seriously Addictive Mathematics?

There’s a new wave in mathematics instruction, and multi-award-winning Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) from Singapore is leading the pack. Founded in 2011 by Samuel Chia and Lau Chin Loong, Seriously Addictive Mathematics offers world-class math enrichment program that can help put U.S. students ahead of the curve.

We’re champions of global excellence

Students around the globe are surpassing American students when it comes to proficiency in mathematics. In fact, international assessments rank U.S. students 38 out of 71 countries. Rote memorization, crowded classrooms, overemphasis on testing and a failure to recognize individual thinking styles are just some of the factors that pose challenges in mathematics education for U.S. students. Seriously Addictive Mathematics uses world-leading instructional methods to help students aged four to 12 discover empowerment and mastery in math comprehension.

Our reach isn’t just limited to the United States, though. Seriously Addictive Mathematics is on a mission to share the S.A.M Singapore Mathematics approach with students around the world! Students attend our math enrichment programs in more than 100 centers in 15 countries and counting, including Canada, Australia, India and Hong Kong. Developed by former school teachers and math textbook publishers, our award-winning curriculum has earned recognition from outlets and associations across the globe. When you and your child choose Seriously Addictive Mathematics, you become part of our international network of achievers and the adults who nurture them.

We’re advocates for empowered education

At Seriously Addictive Mathematics, we believe that anyone can be great at math. Students in U.S. classrooms need more than lectures and speed tests; they need greater opportunities for mastery. Using a module-based curriculum and a vast library of proprietary worksheets, we allow students to learn math incrementally, so that learning is challenging yet achievable. The S.A.M Singapore Mathematics approach empowers students to develop deep understanding of math concepts and strong problem solving skills – picking apart each element until they get to the bottom of how a concept works.

We understand how kids learn best

At Seriously Addictive Mathematics, we teach new concepts using the concrete-pictorial- abstract approach, which mirrors the way children process information. In each classroom, students have an opportunity to learn math concepts with physical objects first through fun, hands-on activities. Then, we encourage them to draw out those objects in relation to one another on paper before representing the information in the form of abstract math symbols and equations. We recommend a calibrated learning plan for each child, so that they can learn at their own pace, based on their own abilities. The low teacher-student ratio ensures each child receives attention and his or her learning progress is closely monitored.

Unlike other math enrichment programs, we teach students to understand what math concepts really mean, so that computations are more than a jumble of numbers and symbols; they hold meaning and dictate numerical relationships. By developing students’ critical thinking, logical reasoning and problem solving skills, we equip them with the tools to tackle math with total confidence.

Our math enrichment programs prepare students for the real world

Students learn more than mathematics at our centers. Our coaching approach encourages self-guided learning in a way that helps them master discipline and focus. Trainers only serve as a support to students as they pace themselves, take ownership of their knowledge and master habits of lifelong learners. At Seriously Addictive Mathematics, we believe that students can overcome challenges in mathematics education when given the space and opportunity to do so independently. That foundation can follow them for years to come – from the classroom to the workforce and beyond.

Let us join you as your student’s biggest supporters!

We’re committed to helping your child excel in mathematics education, whether they need an enrichment boost, a little extra help or greater confidence when it comes to math. Let Seriously Addictive Mathematics partner with you and your student to help him or her unlock their fullest potential!

Contact us for details about the S.A.M Singapore Mathematics program, or sign your student up today for a diagnostic assessment.