Using a Supplemental Math Program to Complement What Your Child Is Taught in School

A Supplemental Math Program for Your Child’s Education

Wondering how a Seriously Addictive Mathematics program can complement what your child is taught in school? You’re not alone. Most parents who enquire about math enrichment programs are uncertain of how their children will benefit and whether such programs are worth the investment. Here are the top three reasons why parents and students love our math enrichment program and find them beneficial at all education levels:

They Help Explore New Concepts

While many mathematics curriculums focus on teaching solely for tests or rote memorization, S.A.M program works to help kids learn the fundamental concepts of mathematics to understand how and why procedures and formulas work. This helps students broaden their understanding of underlying concepts and helps make more advanced concepts like algebra more approachable for students. Struggling students – or even excellent ones – can thus have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the subject.

They Make a Difficult Subject Fun and Engaging

Mathematics is often labeled boring, but the math enrichment program at S.A.M uses hands-on objects, props and other teaching methods to make the classroom and learning experience fun and engaging. By learning concepts through games and interesting worksheets, students enjoy learning the fundamentals of mathematics. While many don’t correlate fun to concepts like algebra, S.A.M proves that thinking through problems critically and tactfully can be fun. 

S.A.M Set Students Up to Succeed

One of the most dynamic aspects of our math enrichment program is that they are based on the approach, one of the most effective ways to learn math and keep students engaged in the subject. With such a proven approach coupled with dedicated and certified S.A.M trainers, supplemental math program can be a comprehensive and dynamic way for your child to engage in the material, setting them up for success in all academic endeavors. 

Enrich Your Child’s Education

Seriously Addictive Mathematics is an excellent investment in your child’s future. It will help them to better understand the fundamentals of mathematics and set a solid foundation for learning well beyond their adolescence and into their college years. If you’re considering a math enrichment program like Seriously Addictive Mathematics to complement what your child is learning in school, contact us to learn more about how we can help your child succeed.