My Child Is Homeschooled – How Can Seriously Addictive Math Help Him?

How Seriously Addictive Mathematics Can Help Homeschooled Children

One of the most common questions parents who homeschool have is whether or not their children are up to standard mathematics levels. To ensure they are, parents can turn to Seriously Addictive Mathematics. S.A.M’s math enrichment program is designed to help ensure students are competent across standard mathematics measurements.

Here are three ways that Seriously Addictive Mathematics can provide a math program for homeschooled children:

Comprehension, Not Memorization

Parents and children alike appreciate how S.A.M’s program helps teach critical thinking and applied learning, as opposed to just memorization. This program helps build confidence by teaching the fundamentals of math in ways that traditional programs fail to. Parents frequently cite how the program has helped their child flourish and develop holistic knowledge in the subject.

Award-Winning Lesson Plans

Singapore Math is one of the most successful in the world and consistently ranks top in international studies such as TIMSS and PISA. Based on Singapore Math, S.A.M has won multiple awards voted by parents in various countries. S.A.M’s curriculum approaches the subject in unique and dynamic ways that help children excel beyond the expectations of traditional programs.

A Unique and Engaging Classroom Approach

In addition to fun, challenging yet achievable S.A.M worksheets, S.A.M trainers make sure each classroom experience is as enjoyable and educational as possible. Our certified trainers connect with students by engaging in question and answers, educational games and other learning tools. By making the experience fun, math no longer becomes a chore and it can even delight students.

This approach is especially helpful for homeschooled children, as it provides them with classroom experience and social time with other students. These external situations have considerable value. Not only can your child learn critical lessons through our math enrichment program, they may even make friends with other like-minded students at the same time. 

Help Your Child Succeed

If you are looking for a math program for your homeschooled child, it is time to consider Seriously Addictive Mathematics. Our program is unique and works to teach your child the fundamental concepts of math in fun and engaging ways. If you’re interested in how Seriously Addictive Mathematics program can help your homeschooled child, contact us today to learn more.