How Can Seriously Addictive Mathematics Help My Child?

We all know that the more you practice something, the easier it becomes. The same is true for math. Sometimes a student needs a little more time and practice to really understand a concept, and that’s where Seriously Addictive Mathematics can help.

Our enrichment curriculum gives your child the tools he or she needs for success in school. This can produce immediate results such as excellent grades or standardized test results, but it may take longer to see the benefits associated with this type of curriculum. In fact, those benefits may not be evident for years. Then, when your child is applying to college or preparing to enter the workforce, boom – the success you groomed them for starts that very day.

At Seriously Addictive Mathematics, students will learn:

How to Become Problem Solvers

We focus on developing understanding of concepts, not just computation skills, using the methods of Singapore Math as a basis for instruction. Incorporating these strategies, such as hands-on objects and visual models, helps your child build a critical foundation of understanding upon which new concepts will be built. We also provide your child with meaningful practice, in the classroom and at home, and the opportunity to apply the concepts to solve mathematical problems. This balanced approach to math ensures that students will develop an understanding of the concepts, build fluency, and apply their understanding to new concepts and problems.

How to Think

Our Thinking Approach to learning math helps students become mathematical thinkers, going beyond simply memorizing facts and procedures. This Thinking Approach is woven throughout our program, from the classroom to practice at home. And more importantly, this approach prepares students for success now and in the future.

Confidence in Their Ability

As students become more confident in their abilities, their participation in the classroom increases as well. In math, they begin to pick up new concepts faster, and learn how to apply their understanding to new problems and situations. Your child will think about mathematics in a new way, and grades and tests cores will begin to rise.

Skills That Will Better Prepare Them for School and Life

In the long term, students with a solid foundation in mathematics will be better prepared for life outside of school. Standards for college and career readiness demonstrate that students need to be able to think and apply their understanding of math in order to be prepared. Our balanced approach to math can help prepare your young child for the rigor of higher-level math while teaching the skills necessary to master new concepts.

Give your child the extra practice they need now for years of success in math. Contact Seriously Addictive Mathematics today to learn more about how S.A.M can help your child grow.