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Why Choose S.A.M

Established in 2010, S.A.M is the largest Singapore Math enrichment program in the world for children aged four to 12. There are currently more than 200 centres in 20 countries, and growing.

The S.A.M Thinking Math program is differentiated by its emphasis on developing mastery through interest and understanding in mathematics, over memorisation and drilling to chase grades. Its focus on curriculum and coaching enables children to develop a positive attitude and build a strong foundation in math to take on future challenges.

  • S.A.M’s Thinking Math curriculum is based on Singapore Math – a global top-ranking curriculum according to international surveys TIMSS and PISA, with a focus on problem solving and developing intellectual competence in children.

  • The curriculum is complemented with the S.A.M two-pillared approach and an individual learning plan tailored to each child at their own skill level and pace, because no two children learn alike.

Classroom Engagement
Emphasizing understanding before procedures, the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach is used to introduce new maths concepts in an engaging and meaningful way. In addition, the Coaching approach is used to help children explore, discover and build confidence towards maths. This is done in an intentionally small class setting of 5-6 children per trainer, where each child work on their own prescribed learning tasks.

Worksheet Reinforcement
Created by a team of former school teachers and textbook publishers, S.A.M worksheets’ tasks are comprehensive, varied and incrementally advanced, so that learning is kept challenging yet achievable, to keep children motivated. Through guided and independent practice, children develop mastery in maths, problem-solving and thinking skills, self-discipline and good study habits.

Success Stories

Neige V, Mother of Neelan, Grade 1 student

Our son greatly benefited from the time he spent at S.A.M. He was losing interest in school and homework was a struggle. After one class, I could see the difference in my son. He no longer viewed math in a negative light. S.A.M had made an hour of math a fun filled learning experience. Hearing him laugh and seeing him happy while doing math was priceless. The small group dynamic worked wonderfully. I would highly recommend S.A.M; it will get your child thinking mathematically and it is done in a completely positive and encouraging environment.

Alexia A, Grade 4 student

I am really grateful for all I am learning at S.A.M! I went from being a girl that didn’t like math to one that enjoys it. I actually got rewarded at school because the teacher noticed the progress I had made from 3rd to 4th grade, and I owe it to S.A.M! I recommend this program to my friends!